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Nedar TPU LED Neon Flex
TPU LED Neon Flex Features:
1, UV Resistant (TPU) ;
2, Saltwater Safe (TPU) ;
3, Chlorine Resistant (TPU);
4, Abrasion Resistant (TPU);
5, Non-toxic and no peculiar smell (TPU)
6, Up to 20 meters run with single power
7, S-shaped FPCB inside, Great flexible and twist-resistance
Nedar - TPU LED Neon Flex for indoor and outdoor architectural linear lighting on a DC24V S-shaped circuit, it can single run up to 20 meters.The LED circuit is completely encapsulated with TPU, this material allows be installing and using even at the extreme temp.: -40°C ~ +45°C.It can be used to create straight lines on flat and curved surfaces. Easy to install and a robust design for difficult environments. Using accessories to be ordered separately.
Architectural outline and stage lighing; Marine lighting ; Under and over cabinet; Cove lighting ; Emergency lighting
Residential/Commercial/Municipal;Interior/Exterior;Architectural;Landscaping;Gardens;Seasonal/Artistic Decor.
Effects: Outlining, Back Light, Motif Designs, Mood Creation - applications only limited by your imagination.

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