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Product Description Item No.: LD-KH0021
According to market request, Nedar develop a new high voltage RGB Controller for 220V/110V RGB LED Strip Light.
Please read this instructions carefully before using, and use it at the request of instructions in order to work stably and retain lifespan .
1.Feature of this LED controller:
This multi-functions controller is specially designed to be used with 220V/110V RGB LED Strip Light; its output has four wires three channels (common-anode)
IR 24 keys Remote Controller
Release heating by Aluminum case
255 class gray and speed is adjustable
20 models and dimmable
Input Voltage: AC110-240V 50HZ/60HZ
Output Voltage: DC110-240V
Output Current: ≤2.5A
Max Output Power: 250W(110V) 450W(220V)
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +35°C (-4°F ~ +95°F)
Tc.: 75°C
N.W: 0.27Kg
Housing Material:Silvery Aluminum Alloy
Remote Distance: 12M
3.Operating Instructions:
3-1, After finish adjusting, leave it alone 12 seconds, then it will memorize the selected parameters.
3-2, Model detail:
No. Function Effect Button Code
1 7 color change R/G/B/RG/RB/GB/RGB 0F
2 3 color flash R/G/B 17
3 7 color fade RGB/GB/B/BR/RG/G/GB 1B
4 3 color change R/G/B 13
5 Red 0-255 class gray adjustable 09
6 Green 0-255 class gray adjustable 08
7 Blue 0-255 class gray adjustable 0A
8 White 0-255 class gray adjustable 0B
9 Light Orange 100%R+25%G 0D
10 Orange 100%R+50%G 15
11 Light Yellow 100%R+75%G 19
12 Yellow 100%R+100%G 11
13 Grass Green 100%G+25%B 0C
14 Dark Green 100%G+50%B 14
15 Light Blue 100%G+75%B 18
16 Cyan 100%G+100%B 10
17 Pink 100%B+25%R 0E
18 Bright Pink 100%B+50%R 16
19 Light Purple 100%B+75%R 1A
20 Purple 100%B+100%R 12
21 Adjust Adjust speed or brightness 05;04
22 Off Off 06
23 On On 07
Default 3 color change R/G/B 13
4.Button Code:
1,It can’t be covered by any superstratum, it should be swept periodly to prevent dust.
2,Keeping the controller away from temperature sensitive equipments, due to shell surface of controller would be more high temperature when it is working
3,This instruction is exclusive suit for our factory model. It would not be noticed if any contents has revised.
4,The repairment and replacement must be carried out by qualified electrician.


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