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Product Description Item No.: LD-KH0018
According to market request, Nedar develop a new high voltage RGB Controller with DMX interface for 220V/110V RGB LED Strip Light.
Please read this instructions carefully before using, and use it at the request of instructions in order to work stably and retain lifespan .
1.Feature of this LED controller:
This multi-functions controller which has digital indicating is specially designed to be used exclusively with LED lighting; its output has four wires three channels (common-anode)
Touching Panel, easy for operating and safe
Aluminum alloy housing is good for heat spreading directly
DMX digital addresses setting and power off protecting
Working style: (master and slaver connecting mode、DMX mode、Independent mode)
Gray glass 10 scale adjustable
Built in 10 set program
Compatible with DMX512 signal,such as DMX 512 control
DMX dimmable and independent dimmable by pressing key
Input Voltage: AC110-240V 50HZ/60HZ
Output Voltage: DC110-240V
Output Current: ≤3A
Max Output Power: 2000W(220V) 1000W(110V)
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +35°C (-4°F ~ +95°F)
Communication port:DMX512 communicate port(1:earth、2:Data-、3:Data+)
N.W: 0.7Kg
Housing Material:Silvery Aluminum Alloy
Output Connector:4 channels. 4-pin cables
3.Operating Instructions:
3-1, Independent mode: you can adjust the preset functions by buttons.

After take on the power, press the cursor key until the first seven-segment digital show “ P “ , it means it has been independent mode ; the second seven-segment digital shows is current function number inside ( you could set different function running by “ UP “ key) , the third seven-segment digital shows current brightness or speed value of the function ( adjust the value by “ UP “ key ) . For detailed, please find the below explanation:
The second seven-segment digital The third seven-segment digital
No. Function
1 7 color fade 1-A class speed, from fast to slow
2 3 color change 1-A class speed, from fast to slow
3 7 color flash 1-A class speed, from fast to slow
4 Red 1-A class gray degree
5 Green 1-A class gray degree
6 Blue 1-A class gray degree
7 Yellow 1-A class gray degree
8 Purple 1-A class gray degree
9 Cyan 1-A class gray degree
A White 1-A class gray degree
4.DMX mode:DMX console to control the light, referring to the manual of the relevant console for attaining more information.

Press the cursor key until the first seven-segment digital don’t show “P “, it is into DMX address set , adjust the value by “ UP “ key. Each light occupies three channels, that is: red, green, blue, including the value of the initial channel. Fox example, address 001 occupies the channel 1, 2, and 3. Address 256 occupies the channel 256, 257, 258.
Note: after finished adjusting, leave the key alone for 5 second to exit the programming, the digital display stop flashing and memorize the selected parameters.
5.Master-slave:Sync functions.
a) Connect all controller together with dmx cable, and choose anyone pcs as the master unit.
b) set the address of master as 001, others are set as slave (other address can be other number except 001)
c) Change function of the master (001) controller, then all controller will be work synchronously
6.Working mode preference order:
DMX mode first, Master-slave second, last is independent mode
1,It can’t be covered by any superstratum, it should be swept periodly to prevent dust.
2,Keeping the controller away from temperature sensitive equipments, due to shell surface of controller would be more high temperature when it is working.
3,This instruction is exclusive suit for our factory model. It would not be noticed if any contents has revised
4,The repairment and replacement must be carried out by qualified electrician


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