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Nedar - (220V/120V) HV LED Neon Flex (Side View 2835-96P)
HV LED Neon Flex Features:
1, Pass EMC and LVD test by SGS lab ;
2, IEC Standard(EN-55015,EN-61547,EN-61000,EN-60598-1, EN-62493) ;
3, LED with parallel wiring. Even one LED broken others still lighting.;
4, Customized length (1 - 50 meters are available);
5, Non-toxic and high-temp. resistant PVC used,long life-span and safety;
6, 0.18*20pcs copper, more stable for long time using.
CE certs by SGS, this LED Neon Flex is perfect for cove lighting, cabinet lighing or other indoor lighing where space is runs on AC 230V and up to 50 meters as Max.length without extra adaptor or power supply. One meter reaches 200 lumen, it’s the best alternative to conventional tube. 1M as cutting unit makes it convenient when installed.And it’s made according to IEC standard, good quality and safety
Nedar - HV LED Neon Flex (Side View 2835-192P)
Nedar - RGB LED Neon Flex (Side View 5050-120P)
Residential/Commercial/Municipal;Interior/Exterior;Architectural;Landscaping;Gardens;Seasonal/Artistic Decor.
Effects: Outlining, Back Light, Motif Designs, Mood Creation - applications only limited by your imagination.

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