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Lights in movement

Hits:  Date:2012-11-18

The exhibition "Movimenti di luce" (Light movements) will be on show until April 14th at the Paloma Gallery in Milan. The protagonists are Alfonso Grassi and Alberto Marangoni, two of the founders of the MID Group (Mutation, Image and Dimension) in 1964.


The exhibition will present works from the 1960s to present, selected by Daniele Lorenzon, promoter of the initiative, to represent the work of the two artists. Though the common theme is the same - the mechanism of the vision and the movement of the work of art - there are also many technical and technological differences between the two creative and design moments: from mechanical motion to the digital era, from the stroboscopic effects to intermittent lighting and finally to LED technology. The objective of the exhibition is to explain these works to the general public by setting the value on the most expressive pieces such as the ones using the stroboscopic technique, one of the MID's strengths, that continues to generate great interest in modern-day viewers. The exhibition puts the spotlight on the Group and will take place alongside many other events (not only in Italy) dedicated to Italian kinetic and programmed art, owing to the fact that the MID Group was one of the most advanced lines of the international Avant-garde movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The founders promoted the use of the most modern possibilities offered by electronics, lighting techniques and media technology, not only anticipating the spirit of the times with their experiments, but also thinking of future potentials: their creativity anticipated digital, electronic and multimedia art.

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