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We make better light for better living.

Light is vital to life. Light enables us to see, to grow, to work, to play. It makes life richer and more comfortable.
Nedar contributes to this by developing lamps and systems that deliver comfortable and attractive light, that have a long life and that help us to save energy.


Nedar is its people.
We respect each other and work in teams. Together, we encourage and honor initiative, creativity and assuming responsibility.
We are customer focused.
We ask ourselves, in everything we do, whether it benefits and satisfies our customers.
We respect and care for the environment.
Realizing that this is the only environment we have, we use resources carefully and avoid waste. With energy-saving lamps and systems we contribute to worldwide environmental protection.
We are open to, and drive, positive change.
We improve continuously. We regularly question if we are doing the right thing. We welcome new ideas.
We set clear and ambitious goals to stay ahead of the pack.
Being in the game is not enough. with clear goals in sight, we try harder each day to remain ahead of our competition.
We are profitable and strong.
Only by making profits today can we invest in tomorrow, securing the future of the company through a steady increase in the value of the corporation.

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